Stretton House Dog Park

Secure private hire dog park in Lower Stretton.

Simply select the duration of your required booking and you will then be presented with a calendar showing available days and time slots.

The park has 5ft livestock fencing all the way around and is half an acre in size

Our aim is to provide a private, accessible and environmentally friendly dog park for dog owners and their pets to enjoy.

Free hot drink vending machine dispensing Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate.

Opening hours:Monday to Sunday 6am-9pm

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Terms, Conditions and Guidance for bookings at the park

We want you to enjoy your visit to Stretton House Dog Park and so we have put a number of rules in place to make sure that you and your 4-legged friend(s) have the best time possible.


Please make sure that you adhere to all government guidelines when visiting Stretton House Dog Park. These can be found at:

• To avoid disappointment please book one hour time slot in advance

• We are unable to refund any bookings cancelled within 48 hours of your allocated arrival

• Your furry friend and their actions are your responsibility at all times and Stretton House Dog Park cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage caused by them

• All 4-legged friends must have up to date vaccinations at the time of their visit

• All dogs must be accompanied by an adult (18+)

• Please park your car on the brick driveway alongside the dog park. This is a secure parking area and you will have full use of it for the duration of your visit. Your car and contents of it are left at your own risk however

• Please make sure that your dog is kept on his or her lead when opening and closing the gate.

• Remember to keep the gate closed when you are in the dog park to prevent any escapees.

• There is a lock on the gate and we ask that you ensure that the gate is locked at all times for your dog’s safety.

• Hand gel has been provided. Whilst we ensure that the park, hut and equipment/utensils are kept clean, please do help yourselves and others in staying safe by using the gel wherever possible

• Feel free to make full use of our tea and coffee vending machine which is included in the price of your visit.

• We have supplied several compost bins for your used tea bags. Dog waste should be placed in one of the compost bins. All that we ask is that you use each bin so that there is an even distribution of waste. A waste collecting shovel is on hand for you to pick up any waste and this must be placed in one of the compost bins without a bag. For anyone who needs a dog-waste bag, there are some hanging up inside the dog park hut

• You will have exclusive use of our dog park for your booking. Please make sure that you leave the park in good time to allow anyone else who is arriving to make use of our facilities. We are afraid that slots that overrun will incur an additional charge

• Whilst we have our own public liability insurance in place, it is recommended that you have your own pet insurance and public liability insurance.

• Please leave the park as you would hope to find it and take any litter with you. We will have to ask you to pay for any damage to equipment or breakages during your visit.We have carefully selected equipment for your dog so that he or she is entertained and leaves the dog park happy. Please respect the equipment and remember that it is for dog-use only

• If your dog is unwell during his or her visit, please let us know so that we can do whatever we can to help you and customers who have booked a later time slot

• Please do always keep a close eye on your furry friend(s). The fence has been built to be as secure as possible, but we cannot guarantee your dog’s safety

• The hosepipe is for you to use so that you leave the mud here rather than taking it home with you. A list of what is in the shampoo can be found in this folder and we will leave it up to you to decide if you are happy to use it. We have made sure that the shampoo is as gentle on your dog as can be. It is PH Neutral and hypo-allergenic. It is made in the UK in an effort to reduce transport costs

• Whilst we will do everything that we can to make sure that your use of Stretton House Dog Park is enjoyable, it is at your own risk

• We will retain your contact details should we need to get in touch with you regarding your booking or any future offers but assure you that we will not share your details with any third partyHave a fabulous time and if you have any questions, give us a call:

Paul – 0784 113 4420

Carla – 0784 164 0480